Birra Friuli

Birra artigianale made in Friuli

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Birra Friuli was born from an idea that came to us during our experience in California, where the craft beer market serves as an example for the entire globe. Emily, Patrick and Alex seek to combine the innovation of the American “craft beer” market and the values of the territory of their region in a single sip.

Birra Friuli - Emily Rose Birra Friuli - Alex Corazza Birra Friuli - Patrick Corazza
  • Birra Friuli - Water
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  • Birra Friuli - Mountains


Water is a key element in the production, our luck in having the Friulian Dolomites right in our backyard allows us to work with the highest quality raw material right at the source... which nowadays is what makes the difference.

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Production takes place in Cividale del Friuli, a town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with ancient Lombard origins. We come from a region in Italy that has always distinguished itself from a wine-making point of view. So we wanted to show even more so that Friuli has not only ideal conditions for wines, but infinite resources, hence the challenge in creating a unique beerof its kind.

Birra Friuli - Unesco
Birra Friuli - Cividale del Friuli

Low fermentation craft lager

This is how our low fermentation craft Lager came to be, with its incredible “drinkability” and freshness maintaining the attention and care of the artisan in creating and packaging a product with unique characteristics.

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  • Birra Friuli - Beer production
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Birra Friuli - Beer ingredients Birra Friuli - Beer bubbles Birra Friuli - Beer ingredients
Birra Friuli - Beer bottle

Product name: BIRRA FRIULI - USAF (our internal name)

Type of product: low fermentation lager

OG: 10th Plato

FG: 2nd Plato

Alcohol % on the label: 4.7%

Ingredients: water, barley malt (pilsner e monaco), rices flakes, hops, yeast

Hops: Polaris

Ibu: 16 - bu / gu 0.40

Yeast: Fermentis W34 / 70

Liters produced per brew: 1.000

Where to find it

Al momento la birra la potrete trovare in vendita presso il Birrificio Forum Iulii di Cividale del Friuli e degustarla presso lo stesso birrificio in anteprima!
Vi terremo al più presto aggiornati su tutti le ulteriori collaborazioni disponibili!

Grazie e forza Friuli!

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